Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium Interview Questions:

Write code to capture screenshot?

Write selenium code to assert all links are working and there is no broken links on page.

How to switch within Iframes.

Write relative Xpath using following ancestor and following siblings.

Why we use WebDriver Manager ?

What are methods available in WebDriver Event Listener interface?

Explain internal architecture of Selenium WebDriver ?

Why and how you use Selenium Grid ?

How to get details of multiple windows and how to switch between Windows.

How you get data from WebTables ?

What is desired capabilities and why it is used ?

What are different types of Wait available in Selenium?

What is difference between implicit and explicit wait?

What are the common exceptions found during Selenium Automation and how you handle?

Explain your automation framework and what are the features in it?

Write few utilities code like excel reader, csv reader and JDBC connection code.


Testng is one of the popular framework in industries so most of the interviewer like deep dive into it.

TestNg Interview Questions:

Why testing is used in Automation framework?

What is difference between Hard assert and soft assert.

How to pass parameter from testing xml.

How to run test classes parallel and how test methods.

Write structure of testing xml structure.

How you run Testng xml from command line.

What are the annotations available in Testng and what are sequence of their execution.

How to ignore a test in testng.

How to use dataProviders in Testng?

How to run failed testcase using testng xml.?

What is the difference between Assert and verify commands?

What is the syntax of XPath?

What is the difference between findElement() and findElements()?

What are the different Exceptions present in Selenium Web driver?

What are the different ways to refresh browser using Selenium?

What is frame and how can you switch between frames in Selenium?

How can you find total number of frames in a web-page?

How can you move to some element using Actions class?

Can captcha and Barcode reader be automated using Selenium?

What are BreakPoints and StartPoints in Selenium?

What is the difference between getWindowHandles() and getWindowHandle()?

What is FluentWait in Selenium?

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