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Engagement models

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Engagement models

We follow a methodical approach for pricing based on our business engagement models for Cloud and Virtualization Projects. Our engagement models help reach your business goals with minimal commitment from your end. If there is a particular engagement mode preferred by the client, we will engage in it after careful inspection of whether it suits the needs of the current project

Fixed Price Model (FPM)

Fixed Price Model (FPM) is the ideal pricing option when requirements are clearly defined, unambiguous and unlikely to change or evolve through the implementation. We will quote a certain price at the outset and the whole project development is carried out within that pricing framework. Apart from being a low-risk option, this model also guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. Deliverables, costs, and timelines are clearly defined upfront in the model. For any changes in scope at the later stage in the project delivery, a prior agreed-upon fixed hourly rate is charged to the client.

Time and Material Model (T&M)

The Time and Material Model (T&M) is ideal for clients who wish to be more involved in the project execution. The pricing is determined based upon the number of person-hours required to complete the project. This model is useful when scope, specification and implementation plan of the project is not easy to define during the initial phase or projects. The client pays as per the number of man-hours put in.

Hybrid Model (HM)

In the Hybrid Model (HM), we can decide to start the project on a T&M model and move it to an FPM model. This method helps clients to gain clarity as to the project moves and overcome the initial challenges of defining the scope of a project. Once the clarity is achieved, the project can be moved to an FPM model.

Dedicated Resource Model (DRM)

Dedicated Resource Model (DRM) is the right model when the need is urgent and requires operations all around the clock. In this model, we will provide resources to work dedicatedly on your project and report to you on a daily basis.