Manual Testing interview questions

1.Diff b/w regression & system testing
2. wht is a test plan.
3. contents of test plan & explain them u ever prepare the test plan
5. why do u looking for a change
6.diff phases in STlC & explain dem
7.write the testcases on the foolowing registration form which contains the fields like
Person name,address,pan no., his/her company name
8.what the monkey testing
9.what is frame work & types of frameworks
10.wht is hybrid frame work.
11.diff b/w keyword driven & data driven framework
12.write the vb script code on person name field that it shld not accept more than 65

Other interview questions

1. what is foreign key
2. difference btw function,procedure and sub procedure
3. write a test case for a room
4. write a test case for a bank statement
5. tellme about ur role
6. ur project architecture
7. what u will do if ur developer rejects the build
8. how u vl do retesting
9. when u vl do regression testing
10. why v do retesting
11. what u vl do if a bug is not reproduicible
12. what u vl do if ur getting the same bug arain and again
13. what is interesting about testing
14. as a test engineer what u liked about testing
15. which is the most critical bug u hav found in ur application
16. what are the ddocuments u vl get for writing the test cases
17. why u want to shift from ur current job
18. what is ur goal as a test engineer
19. at which stage of SDLC does testing starts
20. what is the objective of atest engineer
21. how many bugs u hav found till now
22. eplain me about ur project frame workd
23. what skills does a teste need to hav
24. which part of the application u find more difficult while testing
25. what u vl do if a bug reproduce again and again
26. which is the most challenging bug u hav found till now

27. why u hav taken testing as a carrer
28. when u vl say that u hav done a 100% testing
29. when u vl say that the application u hav tested is bug free
30. how u vl prove that the application u have tested does not have any bug
31. when does a application goes intop production
32. what is entry and exit criteria
33. what is review and hav u ever particiapated
34. what u vl do if ur team lead says that the bug u hav found is not valid but
according to it is valid
35. what u vl do if there is a misunderstandings btwn u and ur team lead
36. what is defect management
37. how u vl manage defect
38. give me the example of high severity and low priority
39. low severity high priority
40. low severity low priority
41. high severity and high priority

IBM Interview Questions?

1.Tell me about yourself professionally?.
2.What tool you u use for raising the defects?.What are al the fields u need to enter?.How
do u write the defect observation?.
3.Difference b/w smoke and Sanity testing.
4.Write 3 positive and -ve scenarios on the ATM M/c(Working of ATM M/c).
5.Test Case Format, what are all the field are there in test case format?.
6.Then some questions on sql , difference b/w where and having clause
7.Do u know joins?, different types of Joins and write a Left outer Join
8. IN Joins, is where required, instead of ON?.
9. Then some questions on UNIX, live what commands u know?.
10. How do u delete single char in a file(using vi)?
11.How do u replace a single char in a file?.
12.What are hard and soft links?.
13. what does .. do( cd ..)?

QTP Interview Questions

1. How to capture data from images in QTP and produce them in Excel sheet ?
2. What is Terminal Emulator add-in installation and configuration procedure ?
3. Tell me how do u define action and transaction in QTP ?
4. Is QTP case sensitive ?
5. Problem with XML checkpoint ?
6. When was QTP 8.2 and Loadrunner 8.0 officially released to the market ?
7. Can we record on netscape browser does it require any special settings ?
8. How do I add new object to the object repository to any particular frame ?

9. Do we have rapid test scrpit wizard in QTP ? How to learn all the windows and objects
in QTP
10. How to open Exceel sheet using QTP script ?
11. Is it necessary to learn VB script to work with QTP or we can manage with keword
driven ?
12. What is descriptive programming in QTP ?
13. How to invoke the QTP from dos prompt and run a test without any interaction with
human ?
14. What is the meaning of Context sensitive ?
15. How to retrive the property values from “” after recording the script with
“Standard checkpoints” ?
16. Where should we use accessbility checkpoints. Can u explain me with the example ?
17. How do we add object repository dynamically ? (During runtime)
18. How to record right click of a context menu and click on the selection ?
19. How to connect oracle database to QTP ?
20. How will you load few objects in Active Screen ?
21. Can I compare two DataBases using QTP ?
22. If the the two object have same class then how QTP will find the object ?
23. Can I change the runtime properties of an object ? How can I check if a parameter
exists in database ?
24. What is the script for database check point, bitmapchek point, regular expression ?
25. What is QTP environmental variable ?

“SEMANTIC SPACE” Testing Interview Questions

1.My Application performance is very poor how to troubleshoot.
2.After Patching and after reboot my machine is not coming into live how to
3.How to confirm That Physical server hardware is working fine, like
4.My application crashing how to troubleshoot
5.My system Start up takes a very long time how to troubleshoot.
6.In a group There are 100 members, and I only want to assign a group policy to 20
particular members of that group how to do it
7.What is configuration Management ?
Configuration Management is the process used to control, cooridinate and track
the entire SDLC
Configuration management is the process used to control, cooridinate and track

code, requirements, design, documentation problems, change requests, tools etc and
the changes made to them and who made the changes.
Configuration Management mainly focuses on two factors – ‘Change Control’ and
‘Version Control’.
8. change management : is for changing the version if any change is done due to a
change request from the customers.
3. What are Severity and priority levels ?
4. What is Data integrity and Data validity ?
5. What are the browsers available and explain their versions ?
6. Is it possible that Quality variates project to project ?
7. What are GUI Map files and explain their Contents ?
8. What is Data base check point and why we go for that ?
9. What is the difference between the Client server application and a Web application ?
10. Does Winrunner Supports Web applications ?
11. What is process Management ?
12. What is an Error, Defect, Bug ?
13. What is Quality ?
14. Which version of Winrunner you are using ?
15. What is Build Verification and why we go for it ?
16. What is Defect density ?
17. What is Integration testing ?
18. What is Static testing and types of Static testing ?
19. What is Validation testing ?
20. what is Data driven testing and why we go for data driven testing ?
21. what is the definition of Testing ?
22. What is Sanitation Testing ?

1.Explain Bug Life Cycle ?
2. What is Integration Testing and Regression Testing ?
3. What is Verification and Validation ?
4. How does Winrunner recognizes the project which is in custom build ?
5. What is expert view and tree view ?
6. How does QTP identify the project ?
7. What is the difference between Winrunner and QTP ?
8. What is Test Director and which version of test director your are using in your project
9. What is a test plans ?
10. what are the contents present in a test plan ?
11. What is the risk of testing a project ?


1. What is TOM in QTP ?
2. Tell me the QTP advantage and disadvantges ?
3. How to test background color and dynamic images during runtime can u put checkpoints for
moving images ?


1. What are the file extensions for pre-action,shared object repository files and what is the
extension for library files ?
2. What are the most frequent errors you faced while executing your scripts ? 
3. Among all the check points what is the most important check point ?

who will prepare test cases?
what is bottom-up integration testing
What is Quality System?
What is Independent Test Group (ITG)?
how many testing cases are design for day?
What is Smoke Testing?
tell me some typical bugs you encountered in your last assignment give some
What is mean by Test Strategy? is there any types?
What is GUI Testing

Can u give an Eg for High severity and low priority, High priority and low severity for
any web based and mobile application
What did we include in a test plan?
what is test harness?
What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control
why one should go for software testing and not to development

when we assign deferred status to bug give example
Are monkey testing & gorilla testing same? If not, then what is the difference between
these two?
what is the CMMI concept
how much interaction with users should testers have and why

Latest Open Questions

How will u do the load, stress & performance testing manually?
write a test case template with minimum of 13 to max of 20 columns?
Which are different links normally present on GUI ?
How to write security and cookie test cases for web application?
What is Scalability Matrix?
What is Independent Testing?
What is meant my Firewall testing? how the testing is performed on it?
While testing a bug has been found and reported but it was not fixed and delivered to the client what will be the effect on it?
What are the documents need for to write test cases?


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