Introduction to Citrix and Interview questions

1. Which all Citrix products you are working on?
2. What are your job roles and responsibilities?
3. What all configuration you need to make for a TD to boot from a vDisk image?
4. In PVS, suppose the TD is rebooting frequently, how will you troubleshoot?
5. In PVS, when a TD reboots, what are things happening in the background?
6. Are you aware of STA?
7. What is STA?
8. In XenApp, say many users are facing problems of accessing the application. When they click on
the icon, they see the “Protocol Driver Error”. What is the cause of the problem? How will you
9. Say users are facing some problems because of a XenApp server. How will you find out which
server has the problem?
10. In Licensing, suppose a user is accessing an application, how does the licensing procedure
happens in the background? Through which port the user license is checked?
11. If there is a licensing problem, what value of farm-load will you see?
12. What is merchandizing server?
13. What is the importance of Zone?
14. Say you have 100 XenApp Servers in different geographical locations. How will you direct users
to the XenApp servers closest to their current location?
15. What is session sharing? How will you do it?
16. Say a user has a session running in 1 device. Can he run another session simultaneously from
another device?
17. Say a user has 2 applications hosted from 2 different XA servers. Will they have same or
different Session IDs?
18. How will you know that there is an IMA issue if applications are not delivering?
19. If IMA has not started, what value of farm-load will you see?
20. Do you have work experience on NetScaler?

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