Azure and Azure Devops Interview Questions

1.I have some private servers on my premises, also I have distributed some of my workload on the public cloud, what is this architecture called?Which Servers normally we will keep in private cloud and public cloud?
2. What is Microsoft Azure and why is it used?
3. Which service in Azure is used to manage resources in Azure?
4. Which of the following web applications can be deployed with Azure?
5. What are Roles and why do we use them?
6. Is it possible to create a Virtual Machine using Azure Resource Manager in a Virtual Network that was created using classic deployment?
7. What are virtual machine scale sets in Azure?
8.What is an Availability Set and Avalabile Zone
9.What are Fault Domains?
10.What are Update Domains?
11.What are Network Security Groups?
12.Do scale sets work with Azure availability sets?
13. What is a break-fix issue?
14. Why is Azure Active Directory used?
15.What happens when you exhaust the maximum failed attempts for authenticating yourself via Azure AD?
16.What happens when you exhaust the maximum failed attempts for authenticating yourself via Azure AD?
17.How can I use applications with Azure AD that I’m using on-premises?
18. What is a VNet?
19.What are the differences between Subscription Administrator and Directory Administrator?
20. What is the difference between Service Bus Queues and Storage Queues?
21.. What is Azure Redis Cache?
22 Why doesn’t Azure Redis Cache have an MSDN class library reference like some of the other Azure services?
23.What are Redis databases?
24.Is it possible to add an existing VM to an availability set?
25. What are the username requirements when creating a VM?
26.What are the password requirements when creating a VM
27. How much storage can I use with a virtual machine?
28. How can one create a Virtual Machine in Powershell?
29.How to create a Network Security Group and a Network Security Group Rule?
30. How to create a new storage account and container using Power Shell?
31. How can one create a VM in Azure CLI?
32.What are the various power states of a VM?
33. How can you stop a VM using Power Shell?
34.Why was my client disconnected from the cache?
35.Why was my client disconnected from the cache?
36. What are the expected values for the Startup File section when I configure the runtime stack?
37.How are Azure Marketplace subscriptions priced?
38. What is the difference between “price,” “software price,” and “total price” in the cost structure for Virtual Machine offers in the Azure Marketplace?
39. What are stateful and stateless microservices for Service Fabric?
40.What is the meaning of application partitions?
41.What is the meaning of application partitions?
42.Name some important applications of Microsoft Azure
43.What is Azure as PaaS?
44.Explain the crucial benefits of Traffic Manager
45.What are Break-fix issues in Microsoft Azure?
46. State the difference between repetitive and minimal monitoring.
47.Explain command task in Microsoft Azure
48.What are unconnected lookups?
49.Explain Cmdlet command of Microsoft Azure
50.What is the use of the Migration Assistant tool in Azure Websites?
51.What is the use of the Database Migration tool in Azure Databases?
52.Explain role instance in Microsoft Azure
53. What are the important drawbacks of using Microsoft Azure?
54.What is MOSS?
55. What is the step you need to perform when drive failure occurs?
56. What it’s the difference between PROC MEANS and PROC SUMMARY?
57.. State the difference between a library and a list
58.What the important requirements when creating a new Virtual Machine?
59.What are the three main components of the Windows Azure platform?
60. Explain cspack in Microsoft Azure
61. What is Azure Container Instances?
62.How to Push images to Azure container Registry?
63.What is Azure devops and Pipelines?
64.What is Azure function app and App Services
65.Explain the crucial benefits of Traffic Manager
66.Explain Diagnostics in Windows Azure and Azure Monitor
67.What is Windows Azure AppFabric?
68.What is Vnet,subnet,Route tables,Nat gateway? to install Azure powershell on windows powershell
70.What is Cloud shell ? and what are the advantages of Cloudshell?
71.What is network security Group and how to create it from bash and powershell? to create resource group,users,ad,vm,storage account,scaleset using bash and powershell?
73.What are the regions supported by Azure ?
74.What are ARM Templetes
75.How we can deploy ARM Templates from Gui?
76.How we can deploy ARM Templates from powershell and bash?
77.How ARM Templates and Devops can be integrated?
78.How to deploy dotnet project using devops?
79.What is Azure pipeline?
80.What are the sizes of azure vm and based on which factors we can choose azure vm types?
81.What is your understanding of Service fabric?
82.How to restore data from disk failure?how to take backup of vm
83.API in Azure and Api functions?
84.Explain serverless features of Azure
85.What are the different types of storage in Azure
86.What is the difference between Windows Azure Queues and Windows Azure Service Bus Queues?What is the dead letter queue?
87.What is SQL Azure database?What are the databases supported by Azure
88.How can you create an HDInsight Cluster in Azure from portal,ARM,Cloudshell?
89.What is Azure Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
90.What is Azure monitor and what are the metrics we will use in AzureVm ,RDS?
91.Name various power states of a Virtual Machine.
92.What is azure active directory and AD B2C
93.What is Azure API Management and how we can publish API?
94.What is Azure Site Recovery and how we can restore services from diaster?
95.What is azure migrate and Azure database migration service?
96.What is Azure Boards,Azure Repos,Azure Artifacts,Azure Test Plans
97.What is Azure DNS and how we can host websites using Azure DNS
98.Azure Scheduler:how we can Run your jobs on simple or complex recurring schedules
99.Azure Policy:how we can Implement corporate governance and standards at scale for Azure resources?
100.Azure Resource Manager templates: How we can Deliver infrastructure as code for all your Azure resources using Resource Manager? What are the advantages of ARM Templates? to create a backup and copy files in CI/CD pipelines?
102.What is federation in SQL Azure?
103.What is TFS build system in Azure?
104.What is Azure App Service?
105.What is Text Analytics API in Azure Machine?\
106 What is Migration Assistant tool in Azure Websites?
107. Which factors should I consider for choosing one from Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server?
108. What are containers in DevOps, and which container platforms does Azure DevOps support?
109.What is the role of Azure Artifacts?
110.What are Azur3e Test Plans? to deploy AKS into my existing virtual network?
112.Can I limit who has access to the Kubernetes API server?
113.Can I have different VM sizes in a single cluster?
114.Are security updates applied to AKS agent nodes?
115.Why are two resource groups created with AKS?
116.Can I provide my own name for the AKS node resource group?
117what are the kubernetices adminstration controleers?does it suports aks?
118.Is Azure Key Vault integrated with AKS?
119.Can I run Windows Server containers on AKS? we can set max pods in aks?
121.Can I move/migrate my cluster between Azure tenants? to take backup of aks clusters? to delete a single cluster in aks?
124.If I have a cluster with one or more nodes in an Unhealthy state or shut down, can I perform an upgrade?
125.I ran an upgrade, but now my pods are in crash loops, and readiness probes fail?
126.My cluster was working, but suddenly can not provision LoadBalancers, mount PVCs, etc.?
127.Can I use virtual machine scale sets to manually scale to 0 nodes?
128.Can I use custom VM extensions?
129.Can I stop or de-allocate all my VMs?
130.How to get access token for multi resource
131.How to connect two on-premise domain controllers (not in the same network) to a single AzureAD?
132do we have the authority to download Office programs?
133.Azure Domain Deployment failed?what are the errors u were faced?
134.Log in to Azure AD B2C without redirecting to b2clogin Microsoft page? to change or upgrade the powershell versions
136.can i Delete Azure Active Directory?
137.What is CI and CD in Devops
138.How to Deploy a Docker container app to Azure Kubernetes Service
139.How to Build, test and deploy Javascript and Node.js apps in Azure Pipelines?
140.How to Start monitoring your Java Web Application using Azure Devops?
141.How we can integrate selenium Testing with Azure
142.How we can Create a complete Linux virtual machine infrastructure in Azure with Terraform?
143.How we can create Vm Cluster with terraform modules?
144.How we can Build java app with Azure pipeline and how we can deploy to Azure function?
145.How we can deploy apps to Vms using Azure pipeline?
146.How we can build ,Push Images to Azure container Registry
147.How we can troubleshoot Azure Build and Release,Deployment issues?
148.How to create backlog in Azure Boards?
149.what is azure devops Server
150. How to Install ,Upgrade,Migrate and Manage Azure devops server?
151.What is Azure Artifacts?
152.How we can run automated tests in Azure Devops Test plans? to integrage Azure devops with visual studio?
154.Describe sample yaml schema for azure pipeline?
155.How to Continuously deploy to Azure Functions with DevOps Projects?
156.How to Deploy ASP.NET Core apps to Azure Kubernetes Service with Azure DevOps Projects?Write yaml for this.
157.What is Azure Service Fabric?
158.How to Deploy your ASP.NET Core app to Azure Service Fabric by using Azure DevOps Projects? to integrate Continuously deploy to Azure Functions with DevOps Projects?
160.How We Deploy ASP.NET app and Azure SQL Database code by using Azure DevOps Projects?

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