Top 20 Business anlyst Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is a flowchart? Why it is important?

A Flowchart shows the complete flow of the system through symbols and diagrams. It is important as it makes the system easy to understand for developers as well as nontechnical stakeholders.

2) Define the Use Case Model

Use case model shows a sequence of events and a stream of actions regarding any process performed by an actor.

3) What does UML stand for?

It stands for Unified Modeling Language.

4) Do you think Activity Diagram is important?

As the name implies, an activity diagram is all about system activities. The main purpose of the activity diagram is to show various events taking place in an organization in different departments.

5) Name two types of diagrams used in Business analyst

The two diagrams are Use Case Diagram and Collaboration Diagram

6) What is meant by an alternate flow in a use case?

It is the alternative solution or activity in a use case that should be followed in case of any failure in the system.

7) What are exceptions?

These are unexpected situations or results in an application.

8) What are extends?

Extends is a relationship that is shown by a dotted line. It is usually used to specify optional behavior which has no independent meaning. Example: Help on “Sign on” extends use case “Sign on”

9) Name the two documents related to a use case

The two documents are:

  • FRD (Functional Requirement Document)
  • SDD (System Design Document).

10) What is the difference between Business Analyst and Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is the process performed by the Business Analyst.

11) As a business analyst, what are the tools which are more helpful to you?

There are many tools, but mostly use the tool are: 1)MS Visio, 2)MS Word, 3)MS Excel, 4)PowerPoint, 5)MS Project.

12) In your previous experience, what kind of documents you have created?

I have worked on, Functional Specification Documents, Technical Specification Documents, Business Requirements Documents, Use Case Diagram, etc.

13) Explain the term INVEST

INVEST means Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Sized Appropriately, Testable. It can assist project managers and technical team in delivering quality products/services.

14) Define SaaS

SaaS means Software as a Service. It is related to cloud computing. It is different from other software bundles as you don’t need this type of software to be installed on your machine. All you need is the Internet connection and a Web Browser to use it.

15) What steps are required to develop a product from an idea?

You have to perform, Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Personas, Strategic Vision and Feature Set, Prioritize Features, Use Cases, SDLC, Storyboards, Test Cases, Monitoring, Scalability.

16) What do you think is better, the Waterfall Model or Spiral Model?

It all depends on the type and scope of the project. A life cycle model is selected based on organizational culture and various other scenarios to develop the system.

17) How can you explain a user-centered design methodology?

It all depends on the end-users. In such a scenario, we develop the system with a user’s point of view. Who are the end-users, what they require etc. Personas are helpful in this process.

18) How do you define Personas?

Personas are used instead of real users that assist developers and technical team in judging the user behavior in different scenarios. Personas are social roles, performed by any actor or character. It is derived from a Latin word meaning “character.” In marketing terminology, it represents a group of customers/end users.

19) Define the term Application Usability

Application usability is the quality of the system that makes the system useful for its end users. System’s usability is good if it is capable of achieving users’ goals.

20) What is a database transaction?

When we perform any activity in a database, such as addition, deletion, modification, searching, etc. is said to be a database transaction.

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