Introduction to DevOps and Interview questions


1. What is Docker-file, Docker-compose, Docker-stack and Docker-volumes?
2. What is Multistaging Docker-files?
3. What is DockerFile Ignores?
4. Docker-swarm VS Kubernetes?
5. What are Docker-network types? (overlay, bridge, host..)
6. How to enable DTR(Docker Trusted Registry)?
7. How to enable SSL encryption to pull and push the images?
8. Docker File for Tomcat


1. How your CI/CD pipeline is getting Integrated? And all the other pipelines (git, maven, docker,…)
2. How to integrate Jenkins with AWS Ec2 instance?
3. How to perform code quality check through SonarQube?
4. What are the alternate tools for Integration other than Jenkins?
5. How to enable remote SSH login from Jenkins?
6. How to copy build to another remote Node?
7. How to enable WebHook for git hub to Jenkins?
8. How to pole Automatically to test periodically whenever any new build has been committed?
9. How to take backup of Jenkins data?
10. How to configure Email alerts?
11. How to configure role based Authorizations and Authentications from Jenkins?
12. How to integrate Active Directory(AD) from Jenkins?
13. How to execute Jenkins-file?
14. How to configure multiple Nodes for Jenkins?

1. How to deploy your Application into Kubernetes?
2. How you are going to expose your Application from Kubernetes?
3. How we are monitoring kubernetes through Prometheus, Graffana and Elastic Surge?
4. Kubernetes Maximums?
5. What are Kubernetes services like Ingress and Ingress Controller?
6. How to Create K8s using Kops and Vagrant


1. What is Ansible Playbook?
2. How to write a Ansible playbook?
3. What is Handlers, Rules and Vaults?
4. What is Notify?
5. What is Inventory and Dynamic Ansible Inventory?
6. What is meant by Ansible Module?
7. What is meant by Ansible Tower?
8. What is meant by Ansible Galaxy?
9. Ansible Templets and JINJA2 templeting?
10. Compare Ansible VS Chef VS Puppet?
11. What are the advantages of using Ansible?
12. Explain in brief how Ansible works?


1. How to create resources through Terraform?
2. What are Terraform Input Variables, Output Variables and Module Variables?
3. Terraform VS Ansible?
4. What do you mean by IaC?
5. Can Terraform be used for on-prem Infrastructure?


1. What is the difference between GIT and SVN?
2. What is a distributed VCS?
3. What is the difference between Git and Github?
4. What are benefits of used Version control system?
5. Mention the various Git repository hosting functions?
6. What is ‘Conflict’ in git? And how to resolve a Conflict in git?
7. What is the difference between git pull and git fetch?
8. How to resolve git merge conflicts?

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