Docker Interview questions

  1. What is Container and Docker?
  2. What is Virtulization and How docker is diff from Virtulization?
  3. What are advantages and disadvantages of docker?
  4. What is container and Image?
  5. Explain Docker Container lifecycle
  6. What are the Networking adapters supported by docker?
  7. How we can persistent container data?
  8. How we can enter in to command or how to we can run command in container?
  9. What does the volume parameter do in a docker run command?
  10. What is the main difference between the approaches of Docker and standard hypervisor virtualization?
  11. what is the docker save and docker load commands?
  12. What is the default Docker network driver,
  13. What are a Docker container’s possible  states, and what do they mean? How can you change it when running a Docker image?
  14. What is a Docker image? What is a Docker image registry?
  15. What is container orchestration and why should we use it?
  16. What features are provided by Docker Enterprise Edition instead of Docker Community Edition?
  17. Is there any problem with just using the latest tag in a container orchestration environment? 
  18. What is considered best practice for image tagging?
  19. What is Docker Swarm and which network driver should be used with it?
  20. What are the possible ways of using insecure Docker image registries?
  21. What is Docker Compose? What can it be used for?
  22. How do you scale your Docker containers?
  23. How to build envrionment-agnostic systems with Docker?
  24. What are the most common instructions in Dockerfile?
  25. What type of applications – Stateless or Stateful are more suitable for Docker Container?
  26. Explain basic Docker usage workflow?
  27. How will you monitor Docker in production?
  28. What is an orphant volume and how to remove it?
  29. How is Docker different from a virtual machine?
  30. Can you explain Dockerfile ONBUILD instruction?
  31. Is it good practice to run stateful applications on Docker? What are the scenarios where Docker best fits in?
  32. Can you run Docker containers natively on Windows?
  33. How does Docker run containers in non-Linux systems?
  34. How containers works at low level?
  35. Name some limitations of containers vs VM?
  36. Why Docker compose does not wait for a container to be ready before moving on to start next service in dependency order?
  37. What is Docker file and how we can create image from Dockerfile?
  38. What are the Differances between Dockerfile and DockerCompose
  39. Tell Important Instructions used in Dockerfile
  40. What are the differences between COPY and ADD in Dockerfile
  41. What are the differences between CMD and RUN
  42. What are the differences between ENTRYPOINT and CMD
  43. What is dockerhub and DTR
  44. What are the disadvantages of using dockerhub
  45. What is Amazon ECR? how to push image to ECR?
  46. What is DTR and how we can secure image push to Docker Registry?
  47. What are the differences between Docker PUll and Docker push?
  48. What is docker commit command ? How we can create image from container?
  49. What is docker service ?command to create docker service
  50. What is docker stack ? How to create stack ?
  51. what are the differences between docker compose vs stack?
  52. What is .dockerignore file?why we will use in Dockerfile?
  53. What is docker machine? explain the command using drivers for AWS and Azure?
  54. What is docker swarm ? how we can create docker swarm and how we can add nodes?
  55. is docker swarm supports multi manager docker swarm cluster?
  56. How to promote docker worker in to manager in docker swarm
  57. How to list nodes in docker swarm?
  58. How to attach volume to Docker container and service
  59. What is docker tmpfs volume?
  60. What is multistage docker files?
  61. What are the advantages of using multistage docker file?
  62. How we can perform update and rollback in docker swarm?
  63. What are the differences between docker swarm and kubernetes
  64. Explain docker compose /docker stack file format
  65. How we can link two containers?
  66. Explain how we can integrate docker with Jenkins for CI and CD