Kubernetes Interview Questions

1.Difference between deployment and daemonset?
2.what are the components of kubernetes master and node?
3.how many pods r nodes need in one project ?
4.how many masters required in your project?
5.Explain Kubernetes architecture
6.What are the maximums of Kubernetes clustes?
7.helm charts?
8.write any deployment yaml file
9.types of deployments?
10.deployment yaml components?
11.how pods will communicate?
12.nodes communications process in kubernetes?
13.two clusters communication in diff networks?
14.what are the networks used in k8s?
15.how many services in Kubernetes?what are those?
16.how to expose a service within cluster?
17.what is node port?and its ranges?
18.What are the disadvantages of Kubernetes nodeports
19.how dns is used in k8s?
20.why need to allocate name spaces in k8s?
21.How is Kubernetes different from Docker Swarm
22.How is Kubernetes related to Docker
23.What is Container Orchestration
24.What is the need for Container Orchestration
25.what is Rolling Updates & Rollbacks?
26.What is the difference between deploying applications on hosts and containers
27.What is Kubectl
28.What is Kubelet
29.What are the different components of Kubernetes Architecture
30.What do you understand by Kube-proxy?
31.Can you brief about the Kubernetes controller manager
32.What is ETCD?
33.What is Ingress network, and how does it work?
34.What is the difference between a replica set and replication controller
35.What are the best security measures that you can take while using Kubernetes?
36.The Kubernetes Network proxy runs on which node?
37.What are the responsibilities of Replication Controller?
38.How to define a service without a selector?
39.The handler invoked by Kubelet to check if a container’s IP address is open or not?
40.what is statefulset and difference from deployment
41.What are differences between dockerswarm and k8s
42.What are differences between openshift and k8s
43.What is ingress and Ingress Controller
44.What are CNI supported by k8s?
45.How multi master communication happens in kubernetes?
46.how we can enable multimaster communication in kubernetes cluster?
47.what are namespaces in kubernetes and types
48.What is persistant volumes and pvc
49.how we can allocation resources to kubernetes?
50.What is the difference between clusterip and externalip?
51.What is EKS in AWS
52.Where Kubernetes Cluster Data Is Stored?
53. Which Container Runtimes Supported By Kubernetes?
54. How Does fluentd Work?
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