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From a single web server to a comprehensive multi-server solution Cloud soft dedicated managed hosting Service gives you the hardware and management services you need for a low fixed monthly fee. We only use HP, Sun, Dell and IBM servers armed with Intel’s latest processors. Our Dedicated Hosting Services cover Windows and Linux based Hosting, using high-quality branded servers, a 24×7 NOC & helpdesk, and a world-class customer-centric SLA. The dedicated hosting service is ideal for Enterprises looking to host Dedicated Web servers, Dedicated Mail servers, Dedicated Application or Database servers, Corporate Intranets / Extranets, Live Streaming or Broadcast machines etc

Governments around the world are actively looking into cloud computing as a means of increasing efficiency and reducing cost.The Government is moving to adopt the Cloud faster than the large enterprise segment. Some state governments are already consuming services from others through this model and there is potential to employ Cloud computing for things like sharing SDCs. Obviously, thanks to the sensitive nature of information handled by the government and data residency issues, the private Cloud is going to be the preferred option for this sector.

Governments S are extremely active participants in the Cloud ecosystem. The government of India is actively promoting Cloud computing through the construction of various test beds and the launch of multiple Cloud service initiatives such as e-governance, Cloud grids etc.

The government can apply the Cloud to- Government-to-Government, (G2G), Government-to-Business, Government-to-Citizen (G2C) and Government-to-Employee (G2E)Cloud Soft Solutions will help Governments in the Impmentation of Cloud Computing,Cloud Soft Solutions will provide Trainings and Technical support and Implementation will help Governments to take the advantage of Cloud Computing.