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Cloud Soft Solutions for Colleges/Universities


Over the past few years, the concept of cloud computing and virtualization has gained much momentum and has become a more popular phrase in information technology. Many organizations have started implementing these new technologies to further reduce costs through improved machine utilization, reduced administration time and infrastructure costs. Cloud computing is the environment that enables customers to use applications on the Internet such as storing and protecting data while providing a service.


Cloud computing has been universally recognized as a critical component in the field of education. This is more so in the higher education sector where more advanced tools are necessary for data sharing, teaching, and protection, as well as for advanced instruction.

Generally, most countries in the world experience a decline in higher education budgets. Because of this, and because of the fact that universities need to be able to continue to deliver quality services in spite of the limited budget, the role of IT has tremendously arisen to a whole new level . Of course, IT is a complicated technology to operate and maintain by itself. With cloud computing, however, things become more easily manageable .

Furthermore, cloud computing remarkably boosts the learning ability of the students. With this technology, learning approaches and strategies unheard of before, or, at the very least, thought to be undoable, are now being used on a large scale.


Cloudsoft Students

With Cloud we can have the power of rich Infrasture would be provided to the Student
Each infrastructure component is provided as a service. For ex: hardware –as-a -service , server –as-a -service, computing –as-a -service, storage –as-a -service.

Dynamic scaling - Scales up and down of Infrastructure services based on the application usage, best for the applications where there are significantly spikes and troughs on the usage of infrastructures. This again is one of the pillars of cloud computing services.

As Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is available as a service, the Lecturers and Students get full control of the application development and deployment. PaaS enables Lecturers and Students to create custom web applications and deliver it quickly, as many of the hassles like setting up hosting, servers, databases, user interaction process and frameworks are prepackaged.

With secure online backups, file syncing across computers, shared folders for group projects, and file versioning for recovery—the Cloud is invaluable for students.

Flexible offering - Access infrastructure from anywhere, any location on any device

Enables Green IT – Reduced environment effect with optimum use of IT resources and systems, hence adds to the Green IT initiatives for an organization.

Make research a snap. For students using library computers, important notes and links can be copied into a document and uploaded directly to Cloud. The document with your research notes is available as soon as on you return to your own computer.

Multiple tenets – Service provisioning includes multiple users accessing same piece of infrastructure

Student Testimonials
"The class really helped give me a more sophisticated framework on the state of the art with cloud computing."

"Cloud Soft Solutions has helped me to get good Knowledge on Citrix Admin. I got a Job in Yahoo bangalore”

"Citrix, Vmware topics coverage is good, trainer is very knowledge full. i will refer my friends"

"i joined Citrix course, i got 2 offers in MNC Company's within 4 months. thank you."